Development and reform of technical and vocational education in the UAE
: the role and vision of the UAE leadership

  • Mubarak Saeed Ali Hamad Alshamsi

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


The United Arab Emirates is a fast developing country that publishes its Visions for the country’s future direction and development. The purpose of this research is to establish whether the Visions of 2021, 2030, 2071 and 2171 are translated into technical and vocational education policy. Specifically, the aim of this research was to examine the role and vision of the UAE leadership in the development and reform of technical and vocational education.

Research Question A: ‘Is there a strategy for technical and vocational education in the UAE that can effectively meet the advanced technological skills to meet the Leadership’s Visions?’
Research Question B: ‘Is there an approach in the UAE that can effectively deliver technical and vocational education and training?’
Research Question C: ‘Is there a system in the UAE that effectively engages the unemployed in jobs leading to successful occupations?’

These questions were addressed through focus groups and questionnaires involving:

Group 1: Ministers, Undersecretaries and Director Generals
Group 2: Directors, Principals and Heads
Group 3: Teachers
Group 4: Students
Group 5: Parents
Group 6: Industry.

This research has established that to inform and involve participation in the transformation of the country leadership Visions, that have been set out for the next one hundred years, change is necessary. Twentyone findings and ten recommendations resulted in recommendations including: a Ministry or Authority for Technical and Vocational Education necessary to communicate strategic messages from the leadership to the technical and vocational education community, an improved new model of technical and vocational education for the UAE is required and a more inclusive and efficient employment process necessary for employment of Emiratis. This research indicates that if the ten recommendations are implemented then technical and vocational education will better serve the future economic prosperity of the UAE.
Date of AwardOct 2020
Original languageEnglish
SponsorsUnited Arab Emirates, Ministry of Education
SupervisorJames Houston (Supervisor) & Julian Leslie (Supervisor)


  • TVET
  • Strategy
  • Leadership
  • Vision
  • UAE
  • United Arab Emirates

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