A case study investigation into student teacher attitudes towards and perceptions of the use of video to support learning in the Key Stage 2 mathematics lesson.

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


This study investigates the use of short videos as a pedagogical tool in Key Sage 2 maths lessons by examining student teachers’ perception of the value of video during KS 2 maths lessons, how they use video during lessons and the implications for teacher training in the use of video as a teaching resource.

The data in this study was obtained through mixed method research. Firstly, quantitative data was gathered through an online teacher questionnaire which was completed by 18 training teachers on a primary PGCE course prior to their teaching practice. Secondly, qualitative data was collected through a focus-group interview with 4 student teachers shortly after their teaching practice.

This study found that student teachers perceive video to be a useful resource to use for the purpose of engaging and motivating students during lessons. They considered many factors when planning to use video however prominent findings include the lack of confidence that the student teachers demonstrated when sourcing high quality video, planning to use video during lessons and assessing learning outcomes from the use of video in lessons.

The outcomes of this study have highlighted the promising potential for the use of pedagogically aligned video content during maths lessons. However, it also highlighted the need for clearly defined practices to be in place when using video as a teaching resource and the need to provide training in the use of video in teacher training courses. This study has contributed to the field of educational research by providing an awareness of the need for more teacher training in the use and delivery of multimedia video resources in primary schools.
Date of AwardMay 2021
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorDavid Barr (Supervisor)


  • mathematics
  • video
  • Education Technology
  • Initial teacher education
  • Education
  • Pedagogy

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