World Saving Machine I and III

Research output: Non-textual formArtefact


World Saving Machine I and III are focusing on transformation of solar energy into ice – literally, as well as (on a larger scale) metaphorically. Originally it is a reaction on spectacular exhibitions and artistic projects using resources without environmental consciousness, as e.g. exhibition of Greenland ice by OlafourEliasson or the suggestion to transport icebergs to Belfast Harbour by Rita Duffy. It also refers to artificial worlds like Tropical Island in Germany and Ski resorts in Saudi Arabia, all realized with fatal use of fossil energy to create aesthetic illusions, thus destroying the environment. . WSM negotiates environmentalism and climate change – but without attempts to moralize. Instead I combine research and a provocative sense of humour. At the same time it explores the use of solar energy in fine art.The WSM project is a series of objects, projects and publications on the interface between fiction, narration, vision and reality. The World Saving Machine project is designed to incorporate science, technology and sustainability into visual art. I made sculptures and also launched a fictive campaign about their genesis. These dialogues are very much part of the work.In order to counteract the melting of the polar ice caps, WSM is a device to transform solar energy into ice or to transform CO2. It is a transformation of energy – literally, as well as (on a larger scale) metaphorically.I transcended disciplinary and ideological boundaries, seeking synergies between different domains and levels of abstraction and analysis. All of this sought to move forward the agenda for how we promote the understanding of art and be effective in interventions channelled through the arts.The Artefacts of this project where exhibited in significant locations as, MoA (Museum of Art, Seoul) Seoul,Korea, at RMIT, Australia, in the form of international reviewed and regarded group and individual exhibitions.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationSeoul, South Korea
Publication statusPublished (in print/issue) - 1 Jun 2009
EventWorld Saving Machine - MoA, Seoul Museum of Art / Seoul, South Korea
Duration: 3 Jun 200923 Jul 2009

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Event (exhibition): Nord Art 2010 14 October 2010 18 November 2010
Group show
Carlshuette / Rendsburg, North Germany
14-10-2010 / 18-11-2010
Event (exhibition): Equations 25 February 2010 27 March 2010
solo exhibition
Queens Street Studios / Belfast, UK
Outputmediatype: mixed media


  • world saving machine Ralf Sander sculpture


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