'Water Table' Performance

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Water Table Performance This performance artwork took place as a part of the events during the ‘Performance Art + Northern Ireland’ Exhibition & Event at the GT Gallery, Belfast. August - September 2015. The Performance occurred on the Thursday 3rd. September, which was part of ‘The First Thursday’ series of Art Openings in Belfast. I performed within the same space as artist Alastair MacLennan and in parallel. The performance was a durational artwork and involved the slow lifting of a table using clamps and wooden batons added to the legs. Lengths of wood were clamped in turn onto the table legs and longer lengths were added so as the table rose up higher and higher during the performance. Several objects were placed on the tabletop e.g. a silver ball on a silver tray. A plumb-line was suspended below the table and emphasized the changing tilts of the table as the performance proceeds. The other end of this plumb-line was attached to a music stand, which supported a series of images depicting Northern Irish rivers onto which the names/logos of specific Oil & Gas Companies, prospecting in Ireland, were superimposed. One of these images was stapled onto each new table leg extension, as the table rose higher and higher. The discarded leg extensions were hung in front of a photographic image of Stormont, the home of the Northern Irish Assembly. Various other objects and items were visible in the space or used in the performance. Once the last, and tallest leg extension, had been attached to the table I tried to lift a large rock onto the top of the table. I then climbed up a stepladder, and on placing the rock on the table, it collapsed. Still holding the rock, I then balanced it on top of the stepladders. I washed my face in water, pressed it into a pile of earth and stood beside a spade for a few moments. I then left the space.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished (in print/issue) - 3 Sept 2015
Event‘Performance Art + Northern Ireland’ Exhibition & Event - GT Gallery, / Belfast
Duration: 7 Aug 201515 Sept 2015


  • Performance Art
  • Performance Art in Northern Ireland
  • ‘Performance Art + Northern Ireland’ Exhibition & Event
  • Water Table Performance
  • Anti Fracking Art
  • Environmental Issues based Art
  • Brian Connolly
  • Alastair MacLennan.


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