Using Nearpod in teaching

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This oral presentation outlines the use of Nearpod to support learning and teaching in both classroom and online environments. There has been increased attention in the literature on actively involving students in the classroom; this follows criticism of the traditional lectures which have been deemed by many as ineffective (MIkkelsen, 2015). Nearpod is an educational tool which allows teachers to create, download and teach interactive lessons across all student devices. Student engagement can be significantly enhanced through the use of digital technology in the classroom (Darling-Hammond et al, 2014). Distraction and multitasking by students on their devices during class however can impact on their ability to remember and understand (Wood et al, 2011). Nearpod enables teachers to reduce distraction and multitasking by presenting content and interactive activities live to student’s devices. A live session is launched, students then enter a lesson code and the lesson is synchronised to all student devices. Student-paced sessions can also be launched for students to work on in their own time wherever they are. The app aims to improve student engagement, obtain feedback from students in the classroom or online setting and generate greater interaction between teacher and students. This offered real potential for the use of this app in teaching. Licenses were allocated to interested staff at Ulster University; Nearpod was piloted across both pre and post registration nurse teaching. Modules included a year 2 skills based module on the pre-registration nursing programme with 186 students enrolled and two modules within the 1-year online specialist short course developed for healthcare professionals working in the area of neurosciences; this course had a total of 10 registered nurses. Nearpod has facilitated the chance to be more creative and develop lessons which are more interactive. Student participation has been made easier through the use of the many different features of the app. Student feedback is immediate and responses to this can be given in real time all of which has helped inform the direction of the session and shaped content for future sessions. Students have enjoyed the chance to participate and ask questions without full exposure to their peers (in the large or small groups). They are able to identify what they have learned from the class and how they feel about the topic after class. The positive experiences reported to date are encouraging and support further application of this approach in future modules.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationJisc conference
Publication statusPublished online - 19 Jun 2018
EventJisc Connect More 2018 - Stranmillis College, Belfast, Northern Ireland
Duration: 19 Jun 201819 Jun 2018


ConferenceJisc Connect More 2018
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