Ultra-small CuO nanoparticles with tailored energy-band diagram synthesized by a hybrid plasma-liquid process

Tamilselvan Velusamy, Anna Liguori, Manuel Macias-Montero, Dilli Babu Padmanaban, Darragh Carolan, Matteo Gherardi, Vittorio Colombo, P Maguire, Vladimir Svrcek, D Mariotti

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CuO is a versatile p-type material for energy applications capable of imparting diverse functionalities by manipulating its band-energy diagram. We present ultra-small quantum confined cupric oxide nanoparticles (CuO NPs) synthesized via a simple one-step environmentally friendly atmospheric pressure microplasma synthesis process. The proposed method, based on the use of a hybrid plasma-liquid cell, enables the synthesis of CuO NPs directly from solid metal copper in ethanol with neither surfactants nor reducing agents. CuO NPs films are then used for the first time in all-inorganic third generation solar cell devices demonstrating highly effective functionalities as blocking layer.
Original languageEnglish
Article numbere1600224
Number of pages8
JournalPlasma Processes and Polymers
Issue number7
Early online date9 Mar 2017
Publication statusPublished - 18 Jul 2017



  • band structure
  • cupric oxide quantum dots
  • one step-green synthesis
  • quantum dots/inorganic solar cells

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