UK National Diet and Nutrition (NDNS) Survey: ad-hoc cross-sectional survey to sustainable Rolling Programme (RP) for surveillance (Y6-9 2013-17)(LB467)

Sumantra Ray, Sonja Nicholson, Caireen Roberts, Polly Page

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    NDNS provides the only authoritative source of representative data on dietary habits and nutritional status (plus routine metabolic and CVD risk data) for the UK population. Following the first dietary and nutritional survey of British adults (1986/87), NDNS operated as a series of stand-alone cross-sectional surveys by age group (pre-school, young people, adults, older adults). After government review, it moved to a cross-sectional RP model in 2008 for more rapid data generation, greater ability to track temporal changes and to respond to policy needs. Now funded to 2017, 500 adults and 500 children are sampled each year. Along with boosted samples in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, this enables in-depth analysis using combined data years and trend data every 2-3 years. An estimated 4 day food diary was determined to be low burden and cost-effective compared to the 24H Recall and replaced the previous 7 day weighed diary as the measure of dietary intake for the RP. As in past NDNS, blood and urine samples are analysed and stored for future research. NDNS remains unique in the inclusion of a doubly-labelled water sub-study as an objective biomarker to validate energy intake estimated from reported food consumption. Combined results for NDNS RP 2008-12 will be published in 2014/15. NDNS data provide robust assessment of nutritional deficiency or excess at different stages of life in the UK population, progress against health recommendations/targets and exposure monitoring. Methods and headline results are published via web-based reports; data are available via UK Data Archive. NDNS is carried out by NatCen Social Research, Medical Research Council Human Nutrition Research and University college London. UK health departments fund NDNS and the complementary UK sodium (salt) surveys and Dietary Survey of Infants and Young Children.
    Original languageEnglish
    Pages (from-to)LB467
    JournalThe FASEB Journal
    Issue number1_supplement
    Publication statusPublished (in print/issue) - 2014


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