Transformation/ Fragmentation/ DefragmentationMedusa Touch

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I developed sculptures able to change their shape from one object into an entirely different one. After empirical experiments the simplest solution was metamorphosis that happens trough the viewers position. The result was named Multiperspective Sculpture by Prof. Dr Kim Namsee ( Ewa University Seoul) and Prof. Barbara Zambrzycka-Śliwa Academy of Art Krakow ). This project refers to the current discourse about the nature of sculpture between Asia and Europe. "Becoming-" is a process of change, or movement within an assemblage, an alternative to the conventional image of subjectivity as coherent, enduring, and individualized. After having lived in Korea for four years I was very much influenced by current Asian concepts. In this context it takes the shape of de-construction of the classical idea of sculpture as a predictable whole. Transformation happens through change of the viewer`s position. In this project particularly, I focused on well-known “collateral” or “downsides” of dominant political and economic views. This came close to the uses of montage as pioneered by John Heartfield, and developed by contemporaries such as Hans Haacke. Here I use history as a departure point, as re-inventions of form and meanings. I used this strategy in order to reveal hidden meanings in topical or familiar motifs, to challenge established perceptions and interpretations. To achieve this effects developed computer based methods for the realisation of sculpture. The sculptures are conceptual works, virtually existent on CAD or AI files that can be sent to any factory in the world and executed by laser or water-jet cutting of sheet material. I was invited for a solo show by the highly regarded AS Space Gallery, a leading gallery in the cultural centre of Southern Poland, Krakow. My exhibition became one in a series of mid-career shows by well-established international artists such as Alfred Lenica, Tadeusz Kantor and Roman Opalka, in close co-operation with the Krakow Academy of Art and world-renowned Jagiellonian University. I was also invited for a solo show in the sculpture garden F.E.Gallery, Bambridge UK and the international renowned curator Kim Sueng Bo (curator of Busan Biennale 2006) selected one work for the International Stone Sculpture Project 2012.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationKrakau Poland/ Bambridge,UK
Publication statusPublished (in print/issue) - 10 Mar 2012
EventI M U/ I am U - AS Gallery / Krakau Poland
Duration: 8 Aug 20129 Oct 2012

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Event (exhibition): Transformations
Solo exhibition
F.E.McWilliam Gallery / Bambridge,UK
26-04-2012 / 17-10-2012
Event (exhibition): International Stone Sculpture Project 2012 / Stoneland
invited, curated group exhibition and symposium
Historic site Bakje jollebak Park / Iksan, Korea
Outputmediatype: mixed


  • ralf sander sculptor transformations AS Gallery Krakau F.E. Mc William Gallery


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