Transferring On-line Science and Engineering Courses for Use in Developing Countries

Clement Onime, James Uhomoibhi, Sandro Radicella

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Commercial or free (open-source) Learning Content Management Systems (LCMS) arealready in widespread use in many academic institutions, especially for blended learning. Inthe last 3 years, video lessons and Massive Open On-line Courses (MOOCs) have been viewedby some as having potentially high impact in higher education due to their perceived abilityto deliver knowledge interactively to a wide audience of learners. Although LCMS andMOOCs are teaching/learning aids, they are orthogonal in several aspects. Generally, MOOCsmay not explicitly require the learners to have an in-depth prior knowledge of the subject andare aimed at collaborative audiences or groups of learners larger than a typical classroom or asingle educational institution. Accessing internet based on-line resources such as LCMS andMOOCs is challenging in many developing countries or remote locations where access to theinternet is not available on demand, especially when they include video based lessons andsimilar resources that require higher bandwidth for streaming or on-demand access bylearners. This chapter presents with real/practical examples and illustrations from a multidisciplinarycourse for physics/ engineering, the quasi-automated exportation of an on-lineLCMS or MOOC into an off-line portable archive that is especially suited for use inareas/regions with limited bandwidth. Also discussed/presented is the use of the off-lineversion in several different learning contexts such as personal learning, interactive classroomvideo, collaborative learning, distance learning and even as a blended learning aid for existingclassroom based academic programmes or on-line MOOCs or LCMS based courses.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationOnline Experimentation: Emerging Technologies and IoT
EditorsMaria Restivo, Alberto Cardoso, Antonio Lopes
Place of PublicationBarcelona, Spain
PublisherIFSA Publishing
ISBN (Print)978-84-608-6128-7
Publication statusPublished (in print/issue) - 23 Dec 2015


  • Science and Engineering Courses
  • Online Learning
  • Developing Countries
  • LMCS
  • MOOCs


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