The realm of microbial lipases in biotechnology

A Pandey, S Benjamin, CR Soccol, Poonam Singh - Nee Nigam, N Krieger, VT Soccol

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In this review, a comprehensive and illustrious survey is made of the applied aspects of microbial lipases in modern biotechnological practices. Lipases are the most versatile biocatalyst and bring about a range of bioconversion reactions such as hydrolysis, interesterification, esterification, alcoholysis, acidolysis and aminolysis. After a brief description of the microbial sources of lipases, the pivotal role of lipases in the processes and products of the food and flavourings industry is illustrated. An ii lustration is presented of biomedical applications. The panorama of lipases in the manufacture of fine chemicals is depicted with special emphasis on pharmaceuticals, pesticides, cosmetics, biosensors and detergents. Widening applications such as those in waste management and improved tanning techniques are other novel aspects of lipase utilization that are discussed in this review.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)119-131
JournalBiotechnology and Applied Biochemistry
Issue numberPart 2
Publication statusPublished (in print/issue) - Apr 1999


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