The Path to the Distribution Point of Light - The Untold Want

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Having explored different types of 'space' in my photography, I am interested in drawing relationships between the spaces I depict through my photographic images and the gallery spaces they inhabit. The photographic image that sits at the heart of this installation depicts an empty interior space, taken in an art college studio after all work had been removed. This art school studio, on first viewing, could appear recognisable to anyone familiar with the routine exhibiting that takes place annually in such academic institutions. However, striped of its contents the room looses its studio like qualities to assume a less definable character. Containing little to distract the viewer, the sparse details in this empty space, such as a small shelf left behind by its previous inhabitants, seem to take on a new significance. Below this large-scale photograph sits a constructed platform, its angular shape jutting out into the gallery space it is designed to inhabit. Covered in grey linoleum to mimic ubiquitous art college studio flooring, it mirrors the floor in the space depicted in the photograph. The platform is raised on a slight incline so that as one steps up onto it to draw closer to the photograph, one becomes more self-consciously aware of the act of viewing. This structure therefore alters received notions of the optimal traditional viewing height, so that the viewer’s position in relation to the photograph becomes reconsidered. In this way concepts of construction and performance are carried throughout both the installation and photographic elements of this work.The photographic work included as part of this installation was: 'The Path to the Distribution Point of Light’ (2015), 110 cm x 130 cm, colour giclée photographic print.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 13 Mar 2015
EventThe Untold Want - Royal Hibernian Academy / Dublin
Duration: 13 Mar 201526 Apr 2015


  • Photography
  • installation
  • interior space
  • audience participation/ interactivity.

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