The Impact of Peripheral Venous Catheter Procedural Kits on Improving Clinical Outcomes in Hospitalised Patients

Kathryn Burnett, P. A. McCarron, Michael Scott, Pat McKee, Geraldine Conlon-Bingham, David Farren, Alan Tate, Stuart Murray, Eoin Dunne, Liam Callaghan

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Introduction: Peripheral Venous Catheters (PVC) are an essential component in modern healthcare and their inclusion into a Clinical Procedure Pack has been identified as an area of healthcare where an enhancement in design and implementation could improve practitioner performance and associated patient outcomes. Aim: The aim of this study was to assess the clinical impact of two interventions; i. procedural kits with an enhanced training programme ii. a specific feedback mechanism on the rates of inappropriate removal of PVCs within Antrim Area Hospital. Methods: A time series design, using retrospective and prospective data was used. The study consisted of three phases. Phase A aimed to establish existing PVC adverse event rates. Phase B included the introduction and assessment of the first intervention, a PVC procedural kit and associated training package, to specific clinical areas. Phase C involved the introduction and assessment of the second intervention, a performance feedback mechanism. Results: Analysis of data showed that the difference of mean PVC clinical adverse event rate between Phase A 12.84% (95% CI: 10.86 – 15.03) and Phase B of 9.48% (95% CI: 8.10 – 11.00) was improved (p=0.008). Similarly, the PVC clinical adverse event rate of Phase B of 9.48% (95% CI: 8.10 – 11.00) and Phase C of 5.94% (95% CI: 4.78 – 7.30), was improved (P < 0.001). Conclusion: In conclusion, the study demonstrated the benefit of introducing a PVC procedural kit with an enhanced training programme and a specific feedback mechanism to significantly reduce clinical adverse events, compared to the previous standard practice.
Original languageEnglish
Article number000524
Number of pages8
JournalArchives of Pharmacy and Pharmacological Research
Issue number5
Publication statusPublished - 17 Jul 2019



  • PVC
  • Adverse events
  • Procedural packs
  • Clinical outcomes

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