The Hanging (Installation - Video)

Daniel Shipsides, Neal Beggs, Thibaut Espiau

Research output: Non-textual formArtefact


The Hanging and other works (Ardous Intend Tulca 08)Galway Arts Centre Nov/ Dec 2008 A project curated (by George Bolster) into the Ardous Intent exhibition of the Tulca 08 visual Arts Festiva in Galway Ireland.I invited Neal Beggs and Thibaut Espiau to join me to present a mixture of individual works, works which feature each other and new collaborative work.Neal and I have an ongoing relationship through our friendship and work. We are both artists who incorporate rock climbing into our working methodologies. We have climbed together and made art together and this was an opportunity to do something together in Ireland for the first time.Three 1st floor gallery rooms of the Galway Art Centre were used.18 works were presented: The HangingBeggs, Espiau and Shipsides.DVD and installation. Approx 20min. 2008 The Hanging is a collaborative work based on the idea of the 'hanging' of artworks on the gallery wall. All the little pencil circles that Dan and Thibaut are drawing in the video indicate the presence of old raw-plugs or other fixings used for hanging artworks. We mapped these by searching the walls in detail and indicating each feature by circling in pencil. In the front gallery we select and anotate some of as the basis for hand and foot holds which we then cut holes from which we would then hang our own bodies from. Link to The Hanging video: (opens new window)
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationOrchid Studios Belfast
Publication statusPublished (in print/issue) - 10 Oct 2008

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Outputmediatype: DVD and installation


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