The Future Student Experience

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Part of the overarching Future of Student Experience project, this online resource supports university staff and students to think critically about the future of higher education, and how the day-to-day decisions we make effect the future of the educational sector.
The resource is designed to be used by educators, administrators and students, both remotely and face to face, to scaffold discussions around how technology effects teaching and what sort of educational future we want to inhabit. Developed out of a large international consultation with leading academics, the resource is designed to be accessible, interactive, provocative, and maybe slightly uncomfortable.
It employs emerging AI tools to create an uncanny learning experience, lead by an AI driven Avatar Tutor, to facilitate breakout group discussions. The resource utilises AI generated images to prompt participants into open, transparent and socially engaged discourse about the future of universities both in the UK and across the globe. The resource facilitates discussion around four potential educational futures – Metaversity, Universitas, Analytica, and CampusConnect – to help participants imagine the possible, plausible and probable futures of higher education.
It is designed to scale, so that in one workshop the facilitator could engage an audience of up to 500 learners who are all afforded small group, facilitated and supported small group discussion in groups of 5-10 participants. Using accessible delivery technology (powerpoint and video conferencing) to create a learning resource which is technologically sophisticated, learner centred, and innovative in both style and delivery. The resource is designed to help us imagine what educational futures we want to share together and how the decisions we make today, effect the educational experiences of tomorrow.
This timely and innovate resource questions how we use screen-based technology and what its implications are for the future of learning.
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Publication statusPublished online - 2 Feb 2023


  • Design Fiction, Education, Futures, Forsight


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