The dynamics of coupled logistic social groups

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A society made up of a network of social groups is investigated. Each group is partitioned into two mutually exclusive subsets with the movement of members between the two subsets being modelled via a logistic-like equation. We consider various ways in which the groups in the network may influence each other, via both group size and the utility groups place on the possible subsets. Scenarios where social groups act as ‘agenda setters’ for the rest of the society are considered. A number of analytic and numerical results are presented.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)141-154
Number of pages14
JournalPhysica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications
Early online date7 Feb 2015
Publication statusPublished (in print/issue) - 1 Jun 2015


  • Social groups
  • Logistic model
  • Complex networks


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