Students as partners: A Three-Layered Approach for Enhancement

S. Brand, L. Millard, Paul Bartholomew, P. Chapman

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    First edition. There has been an unprecedented global surge in the numbers of young people going to university over the last few years and, for a multitude of different reasons, higher education worldwide is in a state of flux. To cope effectively, the universities of today will need to be more responsive to the needs of growing numbers of students and better attuned to their requirements. Many complex factors are driving strategic change and influencing institutional decision-making processes, but what is clear is that students are becoming increasingly fundamental to supporting change processes at both national and local levels, and that institutions are working in collaboration with students in new ways in order to understand and improve the learning environment. This book highlights some of the national and global agendas and issues, from emerging sectors, to the meaning of student engagement for different stakeholders. It provides a backdrop to themes of student engagement as well as examples of innovative and inspiring means of engaging with students in practice, empowering them to take responsibility within decision-making processes and enabling them to lead and deliver change. pt. 1. Vantage points on student engagement / Elisabeth Dunne and Derfel Owen -- 1. Haven't we seen it all before? Historical themes in student engagement / Derfel Owen -- 2. Towards a new vision for university governanace, pedagogies and student engagement / Stefan Popenici -- 3. A relational and multidimensional model of student engagement / Ian Solomonides -- 4. What does student engagement mean to students? / Alex Ratcliffe and Andrew Dimmock -- 5. Staff perceptions of student engagement / Gwen van der Velden -- pt. 2. A new era--the policy and quality context for student engagement / Elisabeth Dunne and Derfel Owen -- 6. Harmonisation and the Bologna Process: a driver for student engagement? / Alex Bols -- 7. Student engagement in private sector higher education / Sue Rivers and thomas Williams -- 8. Trusting dialogue for engaging students / Carmen Wender and Erik Skogsberg -- 9. Student engagement in practice: ideologies and power in course representation systems / Rebecca Freeman -- 10. Students engaged in academic subject review / Derfel Owen -- 11. Meaningful engagement with disabled students / Aaron Porter -- pt. 3. Student engagement with the community: the university and beyond / Elisabeth Dunne and Derfel Owen -- 12. Meanings of engagement to part-time, working students in higher education / Julie Wintrup, Kelly Wakefield and Elizabeth James -- 13. Student engagement through volunteering / Lorraine McIlrath and Lorraine Tansey -- 14.'Giving to Sport': community engagement within and beyond the curriculum / Lucy Spowart and Mike Tripp -- 15. The creative campus: empowering the university community to change spaces / Ian Bride, Louise Naylor and Carin Tunå̊ker -- pt. 4. Students taking responsibility for their learning / Elisabeth Dunne and Derfel Owen -- 16. Student engagement in and through orientation / Sharon Pittaway and Timothy Moss -- 17. Peer education / Marcia Ody and William Carey -- 18. 'We need support too': providing postgraduate peer support / Jacques van der Meer, Lucy Spowart and Simon Hart -- 19. Reflection as a strategy to enhance students' engagement in their learning / Janet Strivens and Rob Ward -- 20. Breaking down the walls: engaging students with the development of their intercultural competencies / Christine Hardy, Sean Prince, Viola Borsos, Christopher Demirjian, Ji Kim, Nga Mok and Oliver Roman-Worsley -- 21. Reframing diversity and student engagement: lessons from Deaf-Gain / Peter Felten and H-Dirksen L. Bauman -- 22. Engaging students through assessment / Kay Sambell -- pt. 5. Student engagement in curriculum design and delivery / Elisabeth Dunne and Derfel Owen -- 23. Active participation in learning: students creating their educational experience / Joan Walton -- 24. Engaging students for professional practice in global health / Manisha Nair and Emma Plugge -- 25. Students as digital change agents / Malcolm Ryan, Emma Franklin, Tanhir Galsinh, Dale Potter, Jenny Wren, Mark Kerrigan, Antony Coombs and Simon Walker -- 26. Students and staff co-creating curricula: an example of good practice in higher education? / Catherine Bovill -- 27. Students as partners: a three-layered approach for enhancement / Stuart Brand, Luke Millard, Paul Bartholomew and Paul Chapman -- pt. 6. Student engagement in discipline and pedagogic research / Elisabeth Dunne and Derfel Owen -- 28. Deliberative democracy for curriculum renewal / Amani Bell, Lyn Carson and Leanne Piggott -- 29. Students as co-researchers: a collaborative, community-based approach to the research and practice of technology-enhanced learning / Sue Timmis and Jane Williams -- 30. Students engaging with change / Elisabeth Dunne, Jackie Bagnall and Barrie Cooper -- 31. Catalysing multiple forms of engagement: student-staff partnerships exploring teaching and learning / Alison Cook-Sather -- 32. Practical approaches to student engagement through community-based research and learning / Eileen Martin and Catherine O'Mahony -- 33. Student as producer: radicalising the mainstream in higher education / Mike Neary.
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