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This output is set of animations, both resulting from research with astronomers from Armagh Observatory. ‘Structures ..’ 2008 was commissioned by Belfast Exposed Gallery, and shown alongside works by Trevor Paglen, Simon Faithful and Joanna Griffin in ‘Secret Satellites’, curated by Karen Downey (N. Ireland commissioner, 52nd Venice Biennale).Crucible (2011) was commissioned for ‘Hybrid’, Redline Gallery, Boulder, Colorado, curator R. Krerrane, featuring seven Irish and seven American artists responding to, Boulder city. Building on the research for ‘Structures, I focused on published work from Boulder’s scientific institutes: The Space Weather Prediction Centre and The National Institute of Standards and Technology.Both animations were subsequently shown in ‘Hybrid’, and ‘Tulca Festival of Visual Art’, Galway (curated by Greg McCarthy). The research for both animations resulted from dialogue with Armagh Observatory into how seemingly disparate astronomical structures relate. I developed a ‘show and ask’ methodology in order to initiate dialogue. I created visual material investigating my comprehension of astronomical phenomena. Astronomers responded by enlightening me on other structures whilst they began to think in visual terms about structures they are investigating. Professor Mark Bailey, director of Armagh Observatory, likened my rendition of the earth’s magnetic field to the Oort Cloud, a ‘sphere’ of rock and debris at the sun’s furthermost gravitational reach, the solar system’s boundary. Many images in this animation arose from such conversations. This reciprocal research method formed the basis of our discussion and informed the form of my animations for the exhibitions ‘Secret Satellites’ and Hybrid.The resulting animations use visual morphing to suggest possible evolutions from one form to another. ‘Structures...’ presents a variety of self-similar structures across the universe separated by light years of distance or differing scales. Some are observed whilst others are as yet theoretical, but none are visible to the naked eye.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationBoulder Colorado USA
Publication statusPublished - 9 Aug 2012
EventHybrid - RedLine / Boulder, Colorado, USA
Duration: 11 Aug 201230 Sep 2012


  • Animation
  • Space Exploration
  • Armagh Observatory
  • solar activity
  • space weather
  • cesium clock


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