Structured Discussion: Using a Model of the Writing Process to Exchange Experience and Best Practice Exploring the uses of an education-focused model

Ursula Canton, Sarah Dargie

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One of the reasons why EWCA conferences offer such an inspiring forum for exchange is the diversity of experience participants bring to it:writing practitioners teach in contexts that range from US-style writing centres where peer tutors provide individual support to university-wide or subject-specific centres where lecturing staff with expertise in writing and subject lecturers collaborate in embedding writing support into curricula. Their own background is often as varied as the institutional contexts in which they work. Similarly writing research can focus on very different aspects of this highly complex process, the cognitive and motor skills it involves, its social role as communication, or the many different textual genres it produces. As a result of this ‘embarrassment of riches’, it can be difficult to find a shared language to discuss the skills on which we focus in our teaching, the ways in which we structure teaching and learning activities, and the contexts in which they are delivered. This workshop aims at providing a structured framework for such discussions. It presents a model of the composition process and associated skills. Developed in order to enhance communication about writing, the model synthesises insights from multidisciplinary research (cognitive psychology, discourse analysis, genre analysis, composition studies) into a coherent conceptualisation that is accessible to writing practitioners from different backgrounds. In the main part of the workshop this model is then applied to facilitate a structured discussion among participants to enhance the exchange of experience and best practice gained from the wealth of different approaches participants bring to the teaching writing. No preparation is necessary – all participants need is the willingness to reflect on their own approach to teaching different aspects of the writing process and to share this analysis.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished (in print/issue) - Jul 2016
EventEuropean Writing Centre Association Conference - University of Łódź, Faculty of Philology, Lodz, Poland
Duration: 8 Jul 201610 Jul 2016


ConferenceEuropean Writing Centre Association Conference
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  • writing for publication
  • academic writing
  • writing process


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