Sport Event Management in the Gulf: A focus on Strategy and Promotion

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In an overarching sense this chapter examines the central themes of sport event management before specifically applying these to the Gulf region. Indeed in the latter part of this chapter these issues are profiled through their role in establishing the favourable international profile currently being experienced by the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This chapter is not intended to be a comprehensive guide to event management, nor a step-by-step approach about how to successfully stage a major sporting event. Instead it draws the reader’s attention to a fundamental need to understand the different types of sporting events that exist, their strategic value, in both an economic and sporting sense, and how the wider global positioning of a specific country or city can be enhanced through its effective engagement with certain sports events. The latter part of the chapter details a series of sporting events that take place on an annual basis in the UAE and explains how by doing so they serve an important role in embellishing that country’s image as an evolving international business, tourist and leisure destination.
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Title of host publicationSport Management in the Middle East A Case Study Analysis
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