Paul James Kitchin, Rachael Brooks

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Traditionally a great deal of learning from sport development never gets acted upon or passed outside local areas. The North East PEACE III Sports and Leisure for Peace Building Programme set out to address this issue.Many of the participants who delivered sport and good relations activities during this programme reported back to The Sports Academy at the University of Ulster in March 2011. The result is the creation of this workbook which highlights and documents the learning that took place throughout the programme. The workbook can help community organisations in the future plan their actions and achieve similar levels of success as this programme.Why have we created a workbook?It is crucial to create a legacy from the North East PEACE III investment. Sport development is a field of activity that has an experience culture. Many activities are passed down from development officer to junior development officer, physical education teacher to tutor and so on. The knowledge base in this area is substantial but sometimes best practice is localised in one specific area. This workbook will ensure that all participants and tutors in the Sports and Leisure programme and all sports practitioners benefit from the learning that has taken place.What does it aim to do?The workbook documents the learning experience of the North East PEACE III programme. Club, school and Local Authority experiences and learning from the programme is captured and will form a resource for future individuals or organisations wishing to replicate these, or similar activities.Who is this workbook aimed at?The workbook is aimed primarily at those wishing to participate in similar sporting initiatives in the future. Members of sporting organisations from across the community, members of Local Government organisations and educators can learn from a knowledge bank based on what has gone before.How can this workbook be used?This workbook covers eight key topics from the North East PEACE III Sports and Leisure programme that can be used to facilitate future sport and cultural awareness events, programmes and activities. The cases within this workbook provide a summary of the experiences of a number of the initiatives that took place during the programme. The content can be used to support future endeavours in this field. Individuals involved in the design, implementation and review of future programmes can use this as a starting point for new ideas.
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More details about this programme can be found at The Sports Academy and Sports Outreach both at the University of Ulster at Jordanstown on or directly on or contact North East PEACE III Partnership


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