Solid-state sodium-selective sensors based on screen-printed Ag/AgCl reference electrodes

S Walsh, D Diamond, JAD McLaughlin, E McAdams, D Woolfson, D Jones, M Bonner

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The potentiometric and AC impedance characteristics of all solid-state sodium-selective electrodes based on planar screen-printed Ag/AgCl electrodes are described. Two solid-state designs have been investigated. The first was based on the deposition of a sodium-selective PVC membrane directly on top of a screen-printed Ag/AgCl electrode, The second design included a NaCl doped hydrogel layer, between the PVC and AgkslashAgCl layers. The hydrogel provides a mechanism to relieve any blockage to charge transfer occurring when PVC membranes are used directly on top of Ag/AgCl and also improves adhesion between the two layers. Results suggest the electrodes display Fast ion exchange kinetics, low noise and drift. The performance compares favorably to that of a conventional ion-selective electrode with internal filling solution.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1318-1324
Issue number17
Publication statusPublished (in print/issue) - Nov 1997


  • solid-state
  • ion-selective electrode
  • screen printing
  • sodium
  • calixarene
  • Ag/AgCl
  • AC impedance
  • potentiometry


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