Shadows of the past

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Ralf Sander investigates the impact of public art, in this case the impact of missing or removed monuments. The absent, removed monument and the collective memory has become a focus of this investigation. The projects were each realized in different countries, Northern Ireland, Poland, Germany and USA. “Shadows of the Past,” created by artist Ralf Sander — a water and gel painting recreating the shadow of a removed or destroyed monument, oftentimes removed because of a change in political powers. The concept is to reconstruct their shadows and apply them to the ground with ephemeral materials that the shadow itself also disappears after some time. The context is Para-Sites , a distributed exhibition project where given modes of production, circulation, and consumption are “hijacked” or re-appropriated for creative purposes. It is a network of distributed practices that operate in the same time frame with a common theoretical and tactical approach. Qualitative and quantitative evaluation of impact was discussed in the 2015 Para Site International Conference happened in Hong Kong and New York.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationSanta Cruz/Bloomington/New York City (US), Berlin,Platz der Vereiten Nationen, Belfast, Carlisle Circus
Publication statusPublished (in print/issue) - 15 Mar 2014
EventPara-Sites 2014 Distributed Exhibition - Santa Cruz/Bloomington/New York City and online / Santa Cruz/Bloomington/New York City
Duration: 25 May 201415 Dec 2015


  • Street art
  • alternative art project
  • avatgarde
  • sculpture installation
  • urban art sculpture
  • performance
  • invisible sculpture


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