Retelling LGBTQIA+ histories: intercutting fiction with archival footage in queer film

Kevin Gaffney

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This paper focuses on the emerging use of archival footage within fictional works by queer filmmakers, including myself. It seeks to address the following research questions: How does the intercutting of archival footage with fiction by queer filmmakers function as a strategy to communicate LGBTQIA+ histories? Does incorporating archival footage within queer fictional arthouse or artist’s experimental films retell the stories held within the archival footage? Or, does it reframe them and bring them into connection with contemporary issues?A qualitative textual analysis of two films will be used to answer these questions. The first film analysed is 120 BPM (directed by Robert Campillo, 2017; also known as BPM), an arthouse drama focused on ACT UP Paris activists during the HIV/AIDS crisis in the early 1990s. The second film is one I wrote and directed in 2018, titled Far from the reach of the sun, a 23 minute experimental short in which a pill which can alter your sexuality is marketed for consumption. The analysis of Far from the reach of the sun will also be informed by a critical reflective methodology of my practice as a filmmaker.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished (in print/issue) - 30 Mar 2019
EventOuting the Past -
Duration: 29 Mar 201931 Mar 2019


ConferenceOuting the Past


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