Radical change: a conceptual model for research agendas

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The aim of this paper is to conceptualise the metamorphosis when radical or large-scale change occurs in an organisation. Furthermore, a conceptual model is developed which can act as a mechanism for developing further research agendas in this area. There are many methodologies, tools and techniques for developing change at all levels of magnitude in organisations. An example at the large-scale level of change is Business Process Reengineering. The literature reveals that the transforming element of these methodologies is ill defined and its “black box” effect adds to the mysticism, which surrounds many of these methods. If this transforming element, which results in large-scale change, can be conceptualised and outlined in a conceptual model, then a means of conducting further research is provided. Also, further definition should enable more successful large-scale change interventions to be made in organisations. Outlines a conceptual model based on a critique of the literature. The key factors in the model are creativity, vision, benchmarking and information technology.

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JournalLeadership & Organization Development Journal
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished (in print/issue) - 1 Jun 2003

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