Portrush Sundial

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This artwork is a working sundial some five meters in diameter. It is constructed from cast concrete and ceramic tiles. The gnomon, which casts the shadow on the dial, is over two meters tall and is aligned with the North Star. It was created in two halves, as ‘low relief’ carvings, which were then molded into a fiberglass former from which the concrete gnomon was derived. The ‘dial’ was created on site form the artist’s pattern. The artist worked on site for one month with an employee from Hutchinson Flooring Contractors, Coleraine.The imagery within the artwork refers to the local context, seaside vernacular, as well as Celestial motifs of Sun, Moon, and Earth cycles, which reflect the sundial’s function.The Coleraine Borough Council, the Arts Council for Northern Ireland, and ABSA, funded the artwork in conjunction with Hutchinson Flooring Contractors.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished (in print/issue) - 1990

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