'Politics and Land in Early Ireland: A Poem by Eochaid Úa Flainn. Éitset áes ecna aíbind'

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Politics and Land in Early Ireland: A Poem by Eochaid Úa Flainn is a unique example of a critical edition of a long Middle-Irish poem being presented alongside a diplomatic edition of an Early Modern version thereof. In addition, the Early Modern version of the poem bears extensive explanatory glosses. In that diplomatic edition, two sets of explanatory glosses have been presented: one by Míchél Ó Cléirigh, and another, much more exhaustive set of glosses, by his cousin, Cú Choigcríche. The latter set of glosses has been translated into English. The Early Modern Irish version of the poem contains, in addition to the original canonical 78 quatrains, a further 7 extra quatrains which were composed by Cú Choigcríche and his kinsman. The critical edition of the medieval text per se draws on seven medieval witnesses to the textual edition and is here accompanied by extensive textual notes. This important case-study will allow scholars of the twenty-first century to see pre-historic and early Ireland through the eyes, not only of the poem’s eleventh-century author, but through those of his early seventeenth-century successors.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationBerlin
PublisherCurach Bhán Publications
Number of pages0
ISBN (Print)978-3-942002-14-1
Publication statusPublished (in print/issue) - Dec 2013


  • Éitset áes ecna aíbind
  • Eochaid Úa Flainn
  • Eochaid úa Flannucáin
  • medieval Irish poetry
  • Lebor Gabála Érenn
  • Míchél Ó Cleirigh
  • Cú Choigcríche Ó Cléirigh
  • Irish manuscripts
  • Middle Irish grammar
  • Medieval Irish metrics


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