Photography: Theories of Realism and Convention

Terence Wright

    Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingChapterpeer-review

    Original languageEnglish
    Title of host publicationAnthropology and Photography, 1860-1920
    EditorsElizabeth Edwards
    PublisherYale University
    ISBN (Print)0-300-05168-9 and 0-300-05944-2
    Publication statusPublished (in print/issue) - 1992

    Bibliographical note

    Reference text: "Illuminate[s] the ways in which political incorrectness has been built into so-called scientific photography."—Vicki Goldberg, New York Times Book Reviews, Christmas Books Issue

    "Erudite. . . .analytical, and yet highly philosophical. . . .this extremely valuable study fosters a clearer perspective on the subject than other texts. . . . Highly useful for students in a variety of fields, including library science and museum science."—Library Journal

    "Explores the use of still photography in British anthropology; 150+ photos."—Publishers Weekly

    "Fascinating evidence of how one field has been radically altered by the recognition of photography's inherent subjectivity. The theoretical essays and case studies in Anthropology & Photography are not only of importance to anthropologists...they show how the interpretive critical positions of today are being used to reconstruct our understandings of both the past and the present."—Andy Grundberg, New York Newsday

    "[I] found much in [this book] that was new and engrossing. . . . We should be grateful to Yale and the RAI for this brave start on a long enterprise."—Tom Phillips, Anthropology Today

    "Anthropology and Photography . . . will play an important role in the ongoing recasting of anthropological history. . . . [It] should be read by all those interested in the themes of social construction that knot this important collection together."—Douglas Harper, Science

    "This excellent, thought-provoking volume contributes to understanding the reading of images by examining anthropological photography in historical, political, and social contexts."—Choice

    "For museum anthropologists and curators of exhibitions, reading this excellent book should be a must. . . . A relevant and excellent contribution to the writing of the history of anthropology as well as to the interpretation of anthropological photographs. Elizabeth Edwards ought to be commended for pursuing this project. In a field which is presently developing rapidly the essays give readers multiple takes on the topic."—Christraud M. Geary, Museum Anthropology

    "This book will be warmly received and widely read, and it should be adopted in courses of all kinds, particularly those concerned with the history of anthropology, of photography, and of colonial domination."—Peter Loizos

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