Performance of finned heat pipe assisted parabolic trough solar collector system under the climatic condition of North East India

Virendra Vishnu Bhagwat, Sujit Roy, Biplab Das, Nikhilkumar Shah, Avijit Chowdhury

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The intermittent nature of solar radiation drives the researchers to store of solar energy using latent heat storage (LHS). In this work, an experimental investigation is carried out to study the performance of a heat pipe assisted parabolic trough collector (PTC) along with a paraffin wax based phase change material (PCM). The experiment ha sbeen performed under the climatic condition of North-East India. Further, a comparative assessment is done between the storage system with and without circular fins attached in the evaporator section of the heat pipe. The heat transfer characteristics during the charging/discharging process, temperature distribution, and energy stored in LHS are evaluated. The maximum average temperatures for PCM are estimated to be 63 °C and 60 °C with and without fins, respectively. The energy storage capacity of the LHS is around 330 kJ. The average charging efficiency of the LHS with fin configuration is 44.7% which is higher as compared to without fin configuration. The average discharging efficiency with fin configuration is 32.7%, higher than without fin configuration. Further, presence of fin in the evaporator system is found to reduce the energy pay back period of the thermal storage device.
Original languageEnglish
Article number101171
JournalSustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments
Early online date26 Mar 2021
Publication statusPublished (in print/issue) - Jun 2021

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The authors are sincerely acknowledging the DST for their funding. The project sanction number is EEQ/2016/000796.

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  • PCM
  • solar collector
  • Heat pipe
  • thermal storage
  • Charging efficiency
  • Discharging efficiency
  • Parabolic trough collector


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