Performance of distributed multiscale simulations

J. Borgdorff, M.B. Belgacem, C. Bona-Casas, L. Fazendeiro, D. Groen, O. Hoenen, A. Mizeranschi, J.L. Suter, D. Coster, P.V. Coveney, Werner Dubitzky, A.G. Hoekstra, P. Strand, B. Chopard

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    Borgdorff, J., Belgacem, M. B., Bona-Casas, C., Fazendeiro, L., Groen, D., Hoenen, O., Mizeranschi, A., Suter, J. L., Coster, D., Coveney, P. V., Dubitzky, W., Hoekstra, A. G., Strand, P., & Chopard, B. (2014). Performance of distributed multiscale simulations. Philosophical Transactions A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences, 372(221).