Patient’s perceptions of the skills and competencies required by therapeutic radiographers (TRs) across Europe : a cross sectional survey.

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Purpose: Variation in training and education of therapeutic radiographers
(TRs) across Europe leads to differences in roles and staff autonomy in clinical
practice. The aim of this study was to gain insight into patients’ perceptions of
the skills and competencies of TRs to help inform undergraduate curricula
across Europe.
Methods or Background: Ethical permission was sought and obtained from
Ulster University, Belfast, UK. An electronic survey was performed using
Qualtrics® and a hard copy questionnaire was distribution to radiotherapy
patients across the UK, Portugal, Malta, and Poland. Patients >18 years
currently receiving, or who had received radiotherapy within the last 24
months, were included. Data analysis was performed with the aid of SPSS
version 27.
Results or Findings: Data collection was ongoing until December 2021.
Preliminary results from the UK and Portugal show that 331 survey responses
have been collected from patients who have received radiotherapy both pre
and post the COVID-19 pandemic. The vast majority of patients felt TRs had
the required competencies to listen, understand and communicate
compassionately. Conflicting opinions arose over whether patients wanted staff
to ask them about their life and be more aware of them 'as a person'.
Conclusion: Patients perceive the TR more in terms of their personal
attributes rather than their professional competencies. While they may not
always remember specific details of what the TRs do with/to them, they tend to
remember and focus on how TRs made them feel.
Limitations: Not all European countries were involved in this study, hence, the
findings may not represent the breadth of patient experiences throughout
Europe. Further research could be conducted internationally.
Ethics committee approval: Integrated Research Applications System:
277006 REC reference: 20/YH/038; Institute of Nursing Health Research
Ethics Committee UU, Ref No: FCNUR-20-035
Funding for this study: ERASMUS+ funded this proj
Original languageEnglish
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Publication statusPublished (in print/issue) - 13 Jul 2022
EventEuropean Congress of Radiology 2022 - Vienna; online, Vienna, Austria
Duration: 2 Mar 202217 Jul 2022


ConferenceEuropean Congress of Radiology 2022
Abbreviated titleECR 2022


  • patients perception
  • radiographer
  • skills
  • competencies


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