Overview on HCFO-R1233zd(E) use for high temperature heat pump application

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A high temperature heat pump has substantial potential for industrial waste heat recovery and upgrading of which there is a potential of 370 TWh in Europe. R1233zd(E) is a potential alternative to R245fa due to low GWP and ODP to achieve high temperatures in a range of 140°C and above. This paper presents review on R1233zd(E) and comparative thermodynamic simulation of high temperature heat pump based on selected compressor and between temperature range of 85°C to
135°C. In addition, details about high temperature heat pump test facilities and discussions on operational experiences and difficulties of high temperature heat pump test-rig development in terms of components and their limitations has been discussed. The initial experimental results from test rig are presented to demonstrate such operational challenges in terms oil cooling and expansion valve.
Outcomes of this paper will provide indicators for future applications of high temperature heat pumps using alternative refrigerants.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publication IIR 25th ICR2019 International Congress of Refrigeration
Number of pages8
ISBN (Electronic) 978-2-36215-035-7
Publication statusPublished (in print/issue) - 24 Aug 2019


  • HCFO
  • High temperature
  • Industrial heat pump
  • R1233zd


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