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A Mosaic Sculpture in the form of a large 'doughnut' shaped ring (three meters diameter), situated within a closed ward at the Shannon Clinic, Knockbracken Healtcare Park, Belfast. The artwork is constructed in three sections which were connected and finished on site. The form was created in Concrete over a central core of Polystyrene. The surface was covered in coloured ceramic tiles and glass mosaic (Smalti), These tiles and glass mosaic/smalti created imagery based on Astronomy and celestial sources such as comets, suns, and stars. Three balls of fire appear to orbit around the doughnut ring traveling from underneath up over the top and back around the form in a suggested cycle. This cycle refers to potential mental cycles from light to dark and deals with issues of gravity as a symbol of a state of mind.The artwork was constructed in concrete and covered by glazed ceramic tiles and glass mosaic - (smalti). It was conceived as an informal bench/seat for patients in the Healthcare Park. The concept for the work was aimed at bringing the thoughts of the viewer into the celestial sphere but also making reference to natural cycles as part of our existence and the role that gravity plays within the universe and how this can also reflect states of mind.The majority of the tiles were specifically made for the artwork and it measures aprx 4M. in diameter.‘Arts Care’, within the Knockbracken Healthcare Park, commissioned the artwork, with funding from South & East Belfast Trust as part of their Integrated Arts Projects
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished (in print/issue) - 2005

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Outputmediatype: Mosaic Sculpture: (Mosaic Imagery over concrete form)


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