Opportunities and challenges in managing crisis communication: Northern Irish perspectives

Peter Purcell, Paul James Kitchin

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Central to successful and effective marketing is the identification and satisfaction of the needs and wants of the sports market. By understanding the place of the organisation within the market and the forces that impact on decision making, the sports marketer can gain a better realisation of the context their organisation exists within. A key feature of successful marketing is being flexible to situations arising outside the organisation. Many sporting organisations have to deal with a variety of changing influences and forces that are in a constant state of flux. These are environmental considerations that impact on the way that the sports marketer creates, implements, and analyses their marketing campaigns. This chapter will investigate the environmental forces that surround and permeate sports organisations and the sports marketer within them. The first part of this chapter will discuss the key principles of environmental analysis which, is that these external forces impact on all organisations, sport and non-sport, that operate within the same environment. Some of these forces can be controlled while other forces the sports marketer has to adapt their practices to. Following this a section detailing each of these forces an examination of market analysis tools and techniques will highlight the how to carry out environmental analysis. Within this chapter two case studies will be used to demonstrate the inter-connectedness of these factors on both sport and non-sport organisations that are involved in the marketing of sports.
Original languageEnglish
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PublisherEuropean Association of Sport Management
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Publication statusPublished (in print/issue) - 1 Sept 2014
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