Nutrition Care after Discharge from Hospital: An Exploratory Analysis from the More-2-Eat Study

Celia Laur, Lori Curtis, Joel Dubin, Tara Mcnicholl, Renata Valaitis, Pauline Douglas, Jack Bell, Paule Bernier, Heather Keller

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Many patients leave hospital in poor nutritional states, yet little is known about the post-discharge nutrition care in which patients are engaged. This study describes the nutrition-care activities 30-days post-discharge reported by patients and what covariates are associated with these activities. Quasi-randomly selected patients recruited from 5 medical units across Canada (n = 513) consented to 30-days post-discharge data collection with 48.5% (n = 249) completing the telephone interview. Use of nutrition care post-discharge was reported and bivariate analysis completed with relevant covariates for the two most frequently reported activities, following recommendations post-discharge or use of oral nutritional supplements (ONS). A total of 42% (n = 110) received nutrition recommendations at hospital discharge, with 65% (n = 71/110) of these participants following those recommendations; 26.5% (n = 66) were taking ONS after hospitalization. Participants who followed recommendations were more likely to report following a special diet (p = 0.002), different from before their hospitalization (p = 0.008), compared to those who received recommendations, but reported not following them. Patients taking ONS were more likely to be at nutrition risk (p < 0.0001), malnourished (p = 0.0006), taking ONS in hospital (p = 0.01), had a lower HGS (p = 0.0013; males only), and less likely to believe they were eating enough to meet their body’s needs (p = 0.005). This analysis provides new insights on nutrition-care post-discharge.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1-9
Number of pages9
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished (in print/issue) - 20 Jan 2018


  • hospital
  • discharge
  • education
  • oral nutritional supplement
  • malnutrition


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