Nursing in Disasters , Catastrophes and Complex Emergencies Worldwide

P Deeny, Kevin Davies

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Nurses care for nations, communities, families, groups, and individuals worldwide. The changing context of disasters on a global scale provides a backdrop to the discussion on the growth of aid response and the associated contribution of disaster nursing at an international level. Disasters are more often than not caused by natural events but increasingly they have become “complex humanitarian emergencies” due to economic, political, and cultural factors. If the disaster is on a large scale, the term “catastrophe” is sometimes used. With an increased focus on community resilience, care is provided at all levels and across all phases of a disaster. There is a new emphasis worldwide on disaster risk reduction through building community resilience (United Nations [UN], 2015). This invites nurses to work with local communities to reduce vulnerability to disasters. Effective disaster response at an international level requires nurses to have knowledge and skills for work in other cultures. There must be an awareness that clinical leadership and decision making in disaster situations can be outside the normal frame of reference of most nurses. This can present new and challenging clinical situations, which will test nurses to the limit. Specific areas such as communication, transport, personal security, prioritizing the care of victims of disaster, refugee health, and an increased personal, ethical, legal, and cultural awareness are discussed.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationDisaster Nursing and Emergency Preparedness
Subtitle of host publicationfor chemical, biological and radiologfical terrorism and other hazards
EditorsTener Veenema
Place of PublicationNew Yortk
PublisherSpringer Publishing Company
Number of pages11
Edition4th Edition
ISBN (Electronic)9780826144171
ISBN (Print)0826144179
Publication statusPublished (in print/issue) - 1 Jul 2018


  • Disaster Nursing, Catastrophes, Complex Emergencies


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