NOT ENTERTAINING: Part of the "Shunt Shunting Shunted" exhibition at HubHug art space, Liffre, Rennes, France

Neal Beggs

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NOT Entertaining
3 day colaborative live music event (with an opening night 'concert') SHIPSIDES AND BEGGS PROJECTS (Western Electrique)
Hubhug 40m2, Liffre / Rennes, France
Shipsides and Beggs Projects were invited to take part in a collective exhibition (Shunt, Shunting, Shunted, curated by Gemini 8, Brice Aulin, Marine Des Garets, Lucas Andreac and Mathieu Gruet) at the Hubhug/40mcube space in Liffre near Rennes, France. We were invited to make a durational music performance in the space and for the opening receptions. We invited anyone who wished to join us to take parrt in a colaborative approach to making music.
Those involved in the music were: Marine Lahaix, Kyo Kim, Thomas Bontemps, Mateo Calderon, Samuel Ferretto, Ambre Carpagne, Lucas Andreac, David Kidman, Laurent Tixador, Damien Moreira, Dan Shipsides and Neal Beggs.
The set list above represents the more formal songs that were played within a wider soundscape of music.
A "Not Entertaining" performative element was incorporarted for the public opening - where the music was played and recorded live but was not accessible directly by the public (the musicians played directly into the mixer, wearing headphones, so infact only the acoustic element of the music was audible in the space, unless headphones were used) . This had the interesting effect of making the 'music playing' the only collective experience - whereas the 'music listening' was specifically a solitary affair, via headphones.
Some of the recordings were edited along with some simple video footage of an ant carrying the dead carcass of a spider through the gallery and performance space.

Original languageEnglish
TypeAudio Art Performance
Media of outputLive event / recordings
Publication statusPublished (in print/issue) - 28 Sept 2019


  • Shipsides and Beggs Projects, Experimental Art, Audio-Music collaborative experiments


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