Northern Ireland Pulmonary Rehabilitation Audit

Brenda O'Neill, Judy Bradley

Research output: Other contributionpeer-review


There is limited information relating to the characteristics of existing pulmonaryrehabilitation programmes, or to the delivery of ongoing exercise and support groupsfor patients with respiratory disease. The Northern Ireland Strategic Frameworkrecommends a significant service re-organisation and re-design of pulmonaryrehabilitation, however, the feasibility of implementing these recommendations isunclear.This regional audit aimed to provide information relating to the current practiceof pulmonary rehabilitation and ongoing exercise and support groups for patientswith respiratory disease in Northern Ireland, and explore potential strategies tofacilitate implementation of the recommendations in the Northern Ireland StrategicFramework in relation to pulmonary rehabilitation. It also aimed to develop aNorthern Ireland Pulmonary Rehabilitation Audit Tool to monitor the progress ofthe implementation of the Northern Ireland Strategic Framework.Methods included questionnaire surveys of current providers of pulmonaryrehabilitation, providers of ongoing exercise and support groups for patients withrespiratory disease, a workshop with the steering group and the development ofand piloting of the Northern Ireland Pulmonary Rehabilitation Audit Tool.Findings relating to the current status of pulmonary rehabilitation in NorthernIreland up to January 2007 are reported. The results show that there appears tobe a pathway through the short term pulmonary rehabilitation programme (6-8weeks) but the pathway relating to follow-up, provision of ongoing exercise andnetworks for social support is less clear and less consistently followed. Strategiesto facilitate the implementation of the recommendations outlined in the NorthernIreland Strategic Framework in relation to pulmonary rehabilitation have beenidentified, and the Northern Ireland Pulmonary Rehabilitation Audit Tool has beendeveloped which could be used to facilitate a cohesive regional approach to usingIn conclusion a number of recommendations have been made on the basis of thisaudit. These need to be taken forward by the Regional Respiratory Forum. As theywill take significant resources and time to implement the Regional RespiratoryForum will need to prioritise action.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherUnknown Publisher
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2008


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