North Warning System

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Photographic research exploring the contemporary role of the Canadian and US Arctic radar system – NWS. The development of long-range bombers and missiles after the Second WorldWar made Canada’s arctic frontier vulnerable to attack from the air. Thisforced Canada and the United States to jointly construct a matrix of short andlong-range radar stations in the 1950s. Known as the Distant Early WarningLine, these stations provided electronic observation and surveillance capabilityacross Canada’s northern frontier throughout the Cold War. In the 1990s, thesestations were upgraded to form the North Warning System (NWS) which isincreasingly active as international maritime traffic develops throughout thenorth, so does military presence.
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Publication statusPublished - 15 Dec 2014



  • Donovan Wylie
  • Artic
  • North Warning System
  • Sureveillance

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