No Return: Three artist exhibition (Willie Doherty, Mona Hatoum, and Rita McBride)

Willie Doherty (Photographer)

Research output: Non-textual formExhibition


Group Exhibition at Alexander and Bonin , New York which exhibited Willie Doherty's video work No Return (2017) , a single channel projection, and recent photographic .

No Return was shot in an area once known as the “cradle of Western Pennsylvania’s steel industry,” before suffering from its collapse in the 1980s. While the work engages with the landscape as it looks today, it also approaches it as both a repository for the memories of past experiences and a witness to the ravages of socio-economic change and ecological degradation. Photographs taken in the same location were also be on view. Presenting the town’s derelict buildings and decaying urban landscape, the images are suffused with a sense of unease that echoes the site’s past social, economic, and ecological anxieties.

As with much of Doherty’s earlier work made at the contested Irish border, the images taken near El Paso and their titles allude to situations beyond what is visible in the photograph; to precarious conditions, uncertainty, and an escalating erosion of tolerance in the negotiation of frontiers and national boundaries. Doherty’s works investigate the margins of the border where structures become the points of tension, where the illusion of control is enforced, and the false certainties of security and strength are instrumentalized and reinforced.

Other work by Willie Doherty presented include :

At The Border, Fixed Limit (Cast No Shadow, Leave No Trace) Anapra Road, New Mexico, 2017, framed pigment print
At The Border, Neutral Zone (Don’t Look Back) Fabens, Texas, 2017, framed pigment print
At The Border, Indeterminate Status (Disappear) El Paso, Texas, 2017, framed pigment print
At The Border, In-Between (Walk Softly, Breathe Gently) Fabens, Texas, 2017, framed pigment print
Dreams of Longing, Dreams of Regret, 2017, five framed pigment prints
Dreams of Renewal, Dreams of Annihilation 2017, triptych, framed pigment prints

The group exhibition included 2 other internationally renowned artists - Mona Hatoum, and Rita McBride .
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished (in print/issue) - 10 Dec 2017
Event"Willie Doherty, Mona Hatoum, Rita McBride" , Alexander and Bonin, New York - Alexander and Bonin Gallery, New York, United States
Duration: 10 Nov 201722 Dec 2017


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