Nightfall Series II

Research output: Other contribution


This series depicts urban locations at night. These mundane and often run down places are transformed when photographed at night using street lighting. The subjects are dramatised and the atmosphere heightened, highlighting the photograph’s relationship with a cinematic aesthetic. The images’ visual relationship with cinema teases out possible narrative content within the images. Their representation of the urban landscape, within a heightened nocturnal setting, brings to the fore questions of neutrality within these contexts, to explore how seemingly anonymous urban spaces are activated through the possibility of socio-political events. Series of nine works, entitled: ‘Passage’ (2007) 80 cm x 100 cm, ‘Nightbuilding II’ (2007) 80 cm x 100 cm, ‘The Sudden Walk’ (2004) 80 cm x 100 cm, ‘Afterwards’ (2004) 80 cm x 100 cm, ‘Threshold’ (2004) 80 cm x 100 cm, ‘Nightbuilding’ (2003) 80 cm x 100 cm, ‘The Underpass I & II’ (2003) 80 cm x 100 cm, ‘Nightscape’ (2002) 80 cm x 100 cm, colour lightjet photographic prints & colour c.type prints, edition of three.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2002


  • Photography
  • 19th Russian Landscape painting
  • urban space
  • phenomena
  • cinema

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