My WebCam

Anthony Hutton, Aidan Gallagher

    Research output: Non-textual formSoftware


    This research was conducted in conjunction with EyeSpyFX is a University of Ulster spin out company founded by Anthony Hutton in June 2002 with the aim of commercialising research dating from 1998 involving control of robotic devices via the web and mobile telephones. My Webcam v2.0 is multimodal multimedia software where end users set up home webcams for peace of mind monitoring and view via the web, facebook and mobile devices. To do this users download an application for their PC or Mac called My Webcam – broadcaster. (mywebcambroadcaster.jpg). Users are able to view their webcam from a remote location using the web via EyeSpyFX website (mywebcamapp.jpg), via an EyeSpyFX Facebook app (screen shot) or via a mobile app (available for purchase on Nokia.ovi, Sony Ericsson Play Now Arena, Orange World, iPhone/iPad App store, Android Market, Blackberry App world) (screen shot). Over 150,000 people have purchased the app. There are multiple reviews for the app (mwcreviews.pdf). A promotional video helps to explain the functionality of the app on the EyeSpyFX YouTube channel. (My Webcam v1.6 62,000 views, v2.0 2,000 views at time of writing) (link to video’s). The research merit of My Webcam lies in: 1. Originality of concept (1st in World). My WebCam is a safe place to put your private live webcam content yet it is a public space. It is like a virtual net curtain. 2. Its multimodal manifestation (pc client, server infrastructure, web view, facebook application, mobile apps), 3. Design of user interfaces. 4. Server infrastructure. 5. Business model. Several grants were secured to assist in the development of My Webcam: Social aspects: UK Technology Strategy Board (£15,000 – 2008). Server Infrastructure: InvestNI Research and Development Grant (2008 - £33,000). Android Development: E-Synergy (£10,000 – 2010).My Webcam has been publically displayed at Mobile World Congress, Barcelona 2010 on the InvestNI booth (mwc10.jpg) and a Java phone version (named PhoneStreamFX)(orangescreenshot.jpg) been recognised by Orange in 2008 as “best of Utility” app in Cape Canaveral, Florida (orange.jpg).
    Original languageEnglish
    Publication statusPublished (in print/issue) - 21 Feb 2011

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    Outputmediatype: Mobile apps (objective C, Java) Broadcaster (.net) Website (PhP, Java script, Flash) Facebook (FBML)


    • webcam software
    • mobile app
    • multimedia
    • facebook
    • android
    • iphone
    • ipad
    • blackberry


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