Mobile Solution for cloud based Video Surveillance

Anthony Hutton, Aidan Gallagher

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    This research, conducted in conjunction with, concerns the design and development of mobile solutions for VSaaS. The research merit of this works is first that it is the first VSaaS mobile app in the world, secondly that It is a collaboration with world leading company (Axis), and third that the app features a custom developed library capable of decoding and displaying RTSP/H264 video/audio streams on a mobile device. Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) is an idea where a network camera sends images to a remote server in the cloud. To view the camera the viewer logs on to an account on the server and views the stream on the server. A cloud camera differs from a regular network camera where the viewer views the stream by connecting directly to the camera. A cloud cam self discovers the server. It makes an outbound connection from its LAN to the server. (There is a video which summarises this research work here This architecture of VSaaS is important as it may contribute to the general architecture of the Internet of Things. I have been working on VSaaS Mobile solutions since 2005 in conjunction with EyeSpyFX and Axis Communications. Axis Communications (Sweden) are the world lead manufacturers of Network Cameras. The research has manifested itself in the design and development of a range of Apps called “VHS viewer for Axis” (iPhone/iPad, Android, Blackberry). The project has been jointly funded by Axis Communications and EyeSpyFX at a value of over £100,000. The app was publically launched at ASIS (American Security Industry Society) 2010 (Dallas, Texas) and exhibited at ASIS 2011 (Orlando, Florida). The app was adopted by Niscayah and ADT in Sept 2011 and will be deployed worldwide as their VSaaS solution.
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    Publication statusPublished (in print/issue) - 20 Jun 2010

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    Reference text: Indicating a wide adoption of this cutting edge technology: There are several "white label" versions of the app available at:
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    • Internet of Things
    • Cloud computing
    • Video Surveillance
    • Mobile apps
    • Security


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