Mind The Gap: Emergent Themes in evaluating practice-based research: Fashioning insights: A Case Study of Inter-Cross- Post disciplinarity.

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Fashioning insights: A Case Study of Inter-Cross-Post disciplinarity.
This case study contextualises cross-disciplinary research between textile art/fashion [Fleming] and medical anatomy eduction [Finn]. The collaboration drew on disparate knowledge in these two fields of body mapping and understanding of 2D and 3D human form form in text books. The paper described the experience of cross disciplinary collaboration, and how unanswered questions emerged in previous Wellcome Trust funded Large Arts award work on surgical incisions, Kraisl and Langer lines that had 'art' outcomes for exhibition and wearable artefacts for medical education 2008-2012.
A research protocol was developed that addressed previous questions and observations about the interoperation of tactility, dimensionality and 'knowledge' in the reading of flat medical diagrams and interpretation onto real bodies. In this case through the phenomenon of Dermatomes was selected but it could have been any of several invisible maps. The outcomes included body painting, virtual projection and wearable garment construction of medical body maps to rigorously consider how the 2D diagram translates. Alongside this, tensions between 'humanities narrative of information communication and scientific knowledge were also play.

For an audience of ECR researchers, the talk focused on what Inter-Cross-Post disciplinary research might look and feel like, through a case study of how it was experienced in this case study and the impact on the chosen methodologies and insights for both disciplines.

Papers submission by Doctoral Researchers who presented at this conference were subsequently revised and resubmitted for publication in a book with introduction by Bell and Stoneman. [As is the custom in creative arts with practice, supervisors are not named as co-authors on doctoral researcher papers. ]
(2016) Mind the Gap!: Working Papers on Practice Based Doctoral Research in the Creative Arts and Media 2016 by Desmond Bell lead editor, Fleming one of co-editors along with Dr. Anthony Haughey, Dr. Helen Doherty, Prof. Cahal McLoughlin, Dr. Rod Stoneman and Dr. Alan Grossman, DIT)
Publisher: Distillers Press in association with the National College of Art and Design (23 Jun. 2016) Language : English, Paperback : 268 pages, ISBN-10 : 1870225023, ISBN-13 : 978-1870225021, Dimensions : 17.6 x 2.4 x 25 cm


  • Interdisciplinary
  • Practice PHD
  • Collaboration
  • Research Method
  • Case Study


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