Microbial characteristics and potential mechanisms of souring control for a hypersaline oil reservoir

Bo Wang, Shuyuan Deng, Sanbao Su, Shanshan Sun, Chao Chen, Hao Xu, Hongfei Ma, Ibrahim M. Banat, Yuehui She, Fan Zhang

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The production of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) had caused huge economic losses and security risks to oil fields, which had attracted the attention of many researchers. Studies focused on hypersaline oil reservoirs were scarce. Here, we simulated H2S inhibition by adding NO3- and NO2- in anaerobic bottles and up-flow sand-packed bioreactor in the laboratory using water samples from injection wells in the Jianghan reservoir. The microbial characteristics, pH, salinity, sulfate, sulfide, NO3- and NO2- were measured at every stage. The content of H2S and elemental sulfur (S0) gradually reduced to 0 mg/L with injected 400 mg/L of NO3- and 300 mg/L of NO2-. Halophilic nitrate-reducing bacteria (NRBs) related to Halomonas and Arcobacter could suppress the activity of sulfate-reducing bacteria (SRBs) through the accumulation of nitrite toxicity and the competition of organic substrates with SRBs. When SRBs activity could not be suppressed, the sulfur-oxidizing bacteria related to Sulfurimonas, Thiomicrospira and Acrobacter were accumulated for souring control through microbial sulfur cycle of H2S production and oxidation. Salinity could be a key parameter affecting microbial development and interactions. This study provides a fundamental data to souring control in the hypersaline oil reservoir by reinjection produced water amended with NO3- and NO2-.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1-16
Number of pages16
JournalPetroleum Science and Technology
Early online date4 Aug 2023
Publication statusPublished online - 4 Aug 2023

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This study was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China in theform of grants awarded to FZ (51774257, 51504221) and YS (51574038, 51634008).

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  • Microbial characteristics
  • Nitrate-reducing bacteria (NRBs)
  • salinity
  • souring control
  • Sulfate-reducing bacteria (SRBs)


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