Market Stall Performance, Sailortown Barra

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Artist's interactive & 'relational' performance artwork as part of a public event in Sailortown, Belfast. The artist tried to sell surreal and sociopolitical items and involve the public in a range of related activities. The artwork took the form of a Market Stall.
This artwork was established as an ‘Interactive Performance’ and during the performance I tried to sell my ‘wares’ within the public arena of the Public Square in Sailortown. My intention was to directly engage the public through subtle humor and surreal imagery, within the various processes and potential transactions. These included ‘Countries for Sale’, Centimeters for sale in an edition of 1/100, Second Hand Teeth, circular pieces of Moon for sale, a NATO Darts Game, Virtual Reality Goggles, etc.
The fact that the Market Stall was aligned to other traders was a key strategic factor within the development of the artwork. I chose to perform as a Market Trader in order to engage the public audience directly as they were not aware of it as a ‘performance’ within the category of art. It was therefore camouflaged and the public, while in ‘shopping mode’, encountered ideas within the structure of the artwork or were forced to ask questions about the nature of my business/performance transactions.

Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished (in print/issue) - 12 Aug 2018
EventSailortown Barra: Venues across Sailortown, north Belfast - Sailortown Neighbourhood, Belfast, Northern Ireland
Duration: 10 Aug 201812 Aug 2018


  • Artist Performance, Relational Aesthetics, Sailortown Barra, Household, Market Stall Performance, Brian Connolly
  • Market Stall Performance,
  • Performance Art Transactions
  • Context Related Performance


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