‘Market Stall Koprivnica’

Research output: Non-textual formPerformance


‘Market Stall Koprivnica’ Performance as part of My Earth Staglinec, 2012.The artwork that I created for Staglinec 2012 took the form of a Market Stall in front of the central Market in the local City of Koprivnica. The artwork was established as an ‘Interactive Performance’ and I tried to sell my wares within the public arena. My intention was to engage the public through subtle humor and surreal imagery, within various processes and potential transactions. The strategy for the Performance has evolved over fifteen years, from the central observation that members of the ‘shopping’ public engage with the artwork and the artist without knowing that they are taking part in an artwork. The public encountered a market stall, which offered a strange array of wares and potential transactions. These included ‘Countries for Sale’, Centimeters for sale in an edition of 1/100, Second Hand Teeth, circular pieces of Moon for sale, a NATO Darts Game, Virtual Reality Goggles, etc.My intention therefore was to engender direct engagement with members of the public and to transmit my ideas under the guise of ‘trading’ and through humor. Throughout the performance I tried to sell my wares and encouraged interaction and collaboration through the use of specific translated texts and objects that have evolved over the years. The fact that the Market Stall was closely aligned to other traders is a key strategic factor within the artwork as I find that a public audience engages more directly if they are not aware of it within the category of art. It was therefore camouflaged and the public, while in ‘shopping mode’, encountered ideas or were forced to ask questions about the nature of my art/processes/wares. In this way I find that dialogue and communication is brought to the forefront of the encounter through humor and the often, surreal nature of the activities and art objects encountered. Not all items were for sale as some transactions and experiences were offered for free, while anyone wishing to take away a material memento or artifact had to part with money.(“Market Stall Koprivica” as part of ‘Satglinec 2012’ My Earth Staglinec – International Meeting of Artists, Staglinec/Koprivinka, Croatia. Curated by Vlasta Delimar. Travel supported by the Art & Design Research Centre, University of Ulster Belfast)
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished (in print/issue) - 16 Jun 2012
EventMy Earth Staglinec 2012 - 'Every Day is a Good Day' - Staglinec & Koprivnica, Croatia.
Duration: 16 Jun 201216 Jun 2012

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Performance type: art


  • Brian Connolly
  • Market Stall Performance
  • Performance Art
  • Urban Performance Art
  • Street Performance Art
  • Interventionist Art
  • Site-specific Performance Art
  • My Earth Staglinec
  • International Artists Meeting
  • Koprivnica


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