Managing Complex Interprofessional Healthcare Education Provision

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An innovative, interprofessional Post Graduate Certificate in Education for Healthcare Professionals (PGCEHP) was developed to address the constantly evolving situation in 21st Century healthcare. This session will describe the complex negotiations involved in the development of an interprofessional healthcare education programme and highlight the success enjoyed by students as a result of participating. Education occupies a central role in professional life and understanding and skill in educational design, delivery and assessment continues to be a desirable skill set for continuing professional development and care delivery.

Session outline
The session begins with a review of the evolving internal and external conditions that were the key drivers in developing the PGCEHP.
Following the advice provided by the Integrated Curriculum Design Framework, (ICDF), provided by Ulster University Centre for Higher Education Research and Practice, (CHERP), the session identifies the key stakeholders required for the development of an interprofessional and inter-school provision. The session goes on to illuminate the path followed to negotiate with and agree a way forward with multiple internal and external stakeholders from within the university and with healthcare trusts, regulatory bodies, the Department of Health and Advance HE.
Partnership working arrangements are presented that demonstrate how close working with employers ensures relevance to practice and capitalises on opportunities to enhance student’s employability.
The session will present an overview of the assessment strategy that encourages the blending of course materials with the participant’s current practice
The session then presents evidence from students about the impact that the interprofessional provision has had not only on the academic success but continuing professional development in clinical practice.
The PGCert is provided as a discrete postgraduate qualification but is delivered in the context of opportunities for further study and links closely with healthcare trusts to ensure that it is relevant to practice needs.


ConferenceAdvance HE: Island of Ireland Symposium
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