Local Maximum Entropy Shape Functions Based FE-EFGM Coupling

Zahur Ullah, C.E. Augarde, W. M. Coombs

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In this paper, a new method for coupling the finite element method (FEM)and the element-free Galerkin method (EFGM) is proposed for linear elastic and geometrically nonlinear problems using local maximum entropy shape functions in theEFG zone of the problem domain. These shape functions possess a weak Kroneckerdelta property at the boundaries which provides a natural way to couple the EFGand the FE regions as compared to the use of moving least square basis functions.In this new approach, there is no need for interface/transition elements between theEFG and the FE regions or any other special treatment for shape function continuity across the FE-EFG interface. One- and two-dimensional linear elastic and two-dimensional geometrically nonlinear benchmark numerical examples are solved by the new approach to demonstrate the implementation and performance of the current approach.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherDurham University
Publication statusPublished online - 1 Jul 2013


  • FE-EFGM coupling
  • maximum entropy basis functions
  • linear-elasticity
  • non-linear elasticity
  • moving least square basis functions


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