InterTrade Ireland FUSION project on free range eggs innovation and enterprise

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This innovation and enterprise project has brought fresh ideas, an added value focus and increased operations management capacity to the company. Whilst the original project aim to add value to surplus and out-of-specification free range eggs was addressed, an additional aim to increase operations management capacity and capability was added. Evidence of achievement exists in the form of an enhanced egg supplier management system, egg sector marketing research reports, a range of chef led egg product prototypes, retention of the Musgrave free range egg contract, a “hard boiled egg” facility feasibility study application, more Director time spent on strategic business matters and increased effectiveness and efficiency of day to day egg packing operations. The knowledge resulting from the project has helped retain existing customers and identify new customers, highlighted the need for a recently recruited sales and marketing employee and has positioned the business so that it can make a well informed decision on whether to invest in a new “hard boiled egg” facility at its existing packing site or not. In addition, plans for follow on activity with the Department of Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Strategy take the form of consultancy within a feasibility study application and a possible “online management information system for egg supply” FUSION project. Finally, Clonarn Clover recognise the Northren Ireland Centre for Food and Health as a potential research collaborator for the substantiation of health claims surrounding existing or novel nutritionally enhanced free-range eggs.
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Publication statusPublished (in print/issue) - 14 Aug 2009

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