Interiors Series II

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These works are set in medical locations, each emitting a sense of unease. A hospital trolley sits in a corridor waiting to be used, another setting comprises make-shift medical beds erected in a school hall, somewhat evocative of a state of emergency. In the absence of the figure, the beds take on a human presence. These images convey a sense of human fragility, each object embodying a sense of vulnerability in keeping with the scenes of temporary relief constructed during times of political upheaval or disaster. The heightened atmosphere in the images is synonymous with loss. Details: Series of five works, entitled, ‘Modern Warfare I, II, III’ (2000) colour c.type photographic print, ‘Room Number Twenty Four’ diptych (1999) colour c.type photographic prints, ‘An Object Which Tells of Loss’ (1999) duratran on Light box, each photographic work measures 122 cm x 152 cm. Edition of three.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished (in print/issue) - 1999


  • Photography
  • interiors
  • institutional space
  • medical.


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